Data Destruction



Here’s where it gets legal. The ICO issues massive fines to companies that don’t handle their old data in the right way. All sensitive or personal information should be professionally erased using NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) certified erasure software carried out by a company that’s authorised to process data. Gigacycle is registered with the ICO, accredited by ADISA (the global standard for secure I.T asset disposal) and uses certified erasure methods.

When you dispose of IT equipment, the risk that your confidential data will be exposed is a serious one. That’s why you need to use a company like Gigacycle. We securely destroy all data on any IT equipment we receive so that not a single trace of it survives. Our core business service is Secure IT Disposal and data destruction. We go above and beyond internationally recognised standards to ensure your data is properly destroyed. The methods we use are approved methods used by government organisations and are certified ensuring IT Governance and information compliance.

  • Basic Erasure
    • Data Erasure
      • All Items Itemised & Asset Tagged
      • ITAD Online Portal Access
      • Basic Data Destruction Certificates
      • HMG Infosec Level 5 Lower Standard Overwrighting
      • 1 Pass data Erasure
      • Identifying Client Markings / Etchings Removed
      • Cost Neutral* Minimum Collection Required

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  • Premium Erasure
    • Data Erasure
      • All Items Itemised & Asset Tagged
      • ITAD Online Portal Access
      • Advanced Data Destruction Certificates
      • HMG Infosec Level 5 Higher Standard
      • 3 Pass Data Erasure
      • Identifying Client Markings / Etchings Removed
      • NCSC Approved Erasure
      • 7 Pass Data Wipe
      • Most Secure Option

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  • Physical Destruction
    • Physical
      • Bulk Asset Itemisation
      • ITAD Online Portal Access
      • Bulk Data Destruction Certificates
      • Asset Cannot Be Reused
      • NCSC and Non-NCSC Erasure Available
      • No Minimum Amount Required

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Secure data erasure is our recommended choice for data destruction. Secure data erasure involves overwriting every block of data on the data carrying media such as the hard drive with a series of unusable data. The way it overwrites is block by block multiple times passing over the data. It then verifies this that the data has been totally eradicated. Once the process is complete the system will electronically generate a unique data destruction certificate that will verify its results.


If the data destruction method fails to erase even one single block it will fail the process. In this situation we will physically destroy the drive. Secure Data Erasure is our preferred method of data destruction because the process it transparent to the customer. The data destruction is verified and the data destruction certificate is unique to the serial number of the media it is destroying and is only produced if this process completes and verifies erasure successfully.


The system we use is NCSC approved, NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) is the government arm of GCHQ and they independently test and verify data destruction methods.


NCSC Approved Methods for Data Erasure

HMG Infosec Standard 5 Enhanced Erasure Algorithm

Verified Data Destruction with Certificates

Erased Items are Reusable and Recyclable



One of our specialities is secure data destruction. We treat all data carrying media we posses the same and ensure data is destroyed correctly.


If a data carrying item fails the verification is has been wiped we use physical destruction. This method as the name suggests involves using a shredder and mechanical drill to obliterate the item.

6mm Mechanical Shredding

HDD & Tape Degaussing

On SIte & Off Site Destruction

Bulk Destruction Certificate


Data is stored on hard drives,floppy disks and tape drives and is called magnetic media. A degausser is a machine that generates a 18,000 Gauss magnetic field that will destroy all data on the media. It will also render the data carrying media unusable again. This is a popular option with customer who wish the equipment not to be reused again.


NCSC Approved

Bulk Erasure Certificate

Permanent Destruction



All our clients require a different solution that works with their internal policies. For this we offer onsite data destruction. We can attend your site and destroy the data at your site before it leaves your building ensuring your data never leaves with it.


We offer a variety of on site solutions such as NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, formerly CESG) Approved Overwriting, hard drive shredding, hard drive degaussing and physical data destruction using a hard drive punch.

On Site NCSC Overwriting

On Site Physical Destruction

Security Cleared Personnel

Accredited by ADISA